Miriam Lott

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Lott


I am a third grade math teacher and team leader.  I am also the Director of the Annette Winn 21st CCLC STAR Program. I am excited about this 2020-2021 school year. Check out my "Welcome Back" letter.

Welcome Back to an exciting 2021-2022 school year! I am so excited that you are joining us this year. The Third Grade Team will be departmentalized which means you will be moving from class to class and have a different teacher for each content area.

My name is  Mrs. Lott  and I will serve as your math teacher.  This year plans to be an adventurous ride down numbers lane. Buckle up and get ready to ride with me on this adventure. 

  Your schedule will be as follows: 7:40-8:00 HR/Fluency

8:00-9:40 (1st Rotation)
* Lott’s HR-Miller

  *May’s  HR-Lott

  *Miller’s HR-Mays

      9:40-10:25 (SPECIALS)   10:25-11:50 

 * Lott’s HR-Lott

                      *May’s HR-Mays

  *Miller’s HR-Miller

11:50-12:05 (RECESS)


 * Lott’s HR-Mays

                      *May’s HR-Miller

  *Miller’s HR-Lott

                      12:10-12:40 (LUNCH)

 12:40-2:25 (Continue)

 * Lott’s HR-Mays

          *May’s HR-Miller

  *Miller’s HR-Lott

In order to be successful in third grade, you will need the following supplies: 3 small binded composition books, a box/pack of pencils, block erasers, zipper pencil pouch to go into your binder, tissue, hand sanitizer, lysol (wipes/spray), notebook paper, dry erase markers, one box of colored pencils, one pack of glue sticks, scissors, 3 highlighters of various colors.

 It is so important that you are well rested and in school everyday this year. Your attendance is extremely important. Please come to school everyday so that you don’t miss out on anything important and exciting. I can’t wait to see you on August 4th!!!

Mrs. Lott